Spotfire: Forecasting

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Importing data from a .dxp file


Drilling down on the data



Using filters to customize views for different categories


Using Forecast – Holt-Winters feature


Creating a forecasting model


Setting up confidence level: 0.99


Application using MongoDB with FreeMarker and Spark

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We will use the FreeMarker template engine to create the template mappings. Also, to keep the web application simple using Java code alone, Spark Web Application Framework is used.

Source (Git)

MongoDB Java Application

MongoDB Java Application 2

Querying the Mongodb and checking the value (mongo) which has been displayed using the Java application created.

> db.hello.findOne()

{ "_id" : ObjectId("52ce3490c85b1177b58ec638"), "name" : "mongo" }

Principal Component Analysis using R

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Principal Component Analysis (or PCA) is used as one of the initial step in a larger problem involving multivariate data analysis. It allows reducing the dimensionality of  a data set.