Spotfire: Show/Hide Regression Line (Straight Line Fit)

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The Straight Line Fit from Lines & Curves could be customized and shown/hidden as per requirement.

Below is a Scatter plot used to add a straight line fit.


Make sure that the Straight Line Fit is the first fitting model in Lines & Curves (to use the script below).


Add a button with script as below. In the previous step, since the first fitting model is our Straight Line Fit, we refer it in the script as FittingModels[0]. If your Straight Line is the second fitting model, you could refer it as FittingModels[1] and so on. Additionally, we need to pass the Scatter Plot as Visualization input vis to the script.


IronPython Script:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import ScatterPlot
for fm in vis.As[ScatterPlot]().FittingModels:
for vis in Application.Document.ActivePageReference.Visuals:
if vis.Title == "Sales by Profit":
if vis.As[ScatterPlot]().FittingModels[0].Enabled == True:
vis.As[ScatterPlot]().FittingModels[0].Enabled = False
vis.As[ScatterPlot]().FittingModels[0].Enabled = True

Now you can use the button to toggle and show/hide the regression line.


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