Buiding a simple QlikView Dashboard

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Creating visualizations/dashboards in QlikView follow a two step process – first collating the data from different sources and modifying them according to the requirement (data preparation) followed by building the actual UI.

1. Data preparation

Adding all data sources and labeling it using the SQL-like format in the edit pane


Displaying the fields corresponding to the data set being loaded


Checking if the load is successful by displaying certain fields


Adding two new fields – Year and Month in the Sales data (for creating hierarchy)


2. Building the User Interface

Adding a background image


Adding a multi-box


From different chart types, we will use a line chart see year-on-year sales trends


Styles in line chart:


Using Groups for drilling down into hierarchical data (ex.: year to quarter to month)


Restricting the number of values shown in the chart (while not showing others) – uncheck “Show Others”


Using a container object to build a layout and create a basic Qlikview document to analyze sales data


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